Review: Foucault in California

Foucault in California: A True Story Wherein the Great Philosopher Drops Acid in the Valley of Death
Simeon Wade

Whoa boy, this one was a trip. Famous French philosopher hooks up with a young academic and an experimental musician. They head to death valley and take acid. Serious 1970s content ensues.

Foucault acid trip has been the stuff of theory circles legends for years with no one really sure whether it was true or not until Heather Dundas unearthed this strange little memoir.

The writing here is deep seventies purple, full of improbably quotes from Foucault and basically constant questions from the Americans about Foucault’s thoughts on this or that hip intellectual trend.

But I’ve had a lifelong fascination with Foucault the thinker and the man, and I ate this one up. Your mileage may differ.

Recommended for the enthusiast

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