Review: Manchette’s The Prone Gunman

The Prone Gunman
Jean-Patrick Manchette

Poor kid from the wrong side of town falls in the rich, gorgeous, popular girl. Embarrassed by his humble origins and desperate to make her happy, he tells her he is leaving town to make his fortune and will be back in ten years for her.  This being a novel by the great French Noir writer Jean-Patrick Manchette going off to make a fortune involves becoming an assassin for hire., of course, and when our gunman return to collect the girl of his dream, no surprise everything goes horribly wrong.

Like any Manchette novel, this is propulsive, action packed, and written in a style so stark it hurts. I absolutely love Manchette’s work, and this one may epitomize his oeuvre. Incessant action and violence and no hero to cheer for except the author himself as he implements plot twist after plot twist. Great stuff here if you have any interest in crime writing.


Jean_Patrick Manchette

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