Your Occasional Stoic — Have a Sense of Urgency … Because Understanding and Intelligence Often Leave Us Before We Die

Man must consider, not only that each day part of his life is spent, and that less and less remains to him, but also that, even if he were to live longer, it is very uncertain whether his intelligence will suffice as it has for the understanding his affairs, and for grasping that knowledge which aims at comprehending things human and divine. When dotage begins, breath, nourishment, fancy, impulse, and so forth will not fail him. But self-command, accurate appreciation of duty, power to scrutinize what strikes his senses, or even to decide whether he should take his departure, all powers, indeed, which demand a well-trained understanding, must be extinguished in him. So we much have a sense or urgency, not only because death comes nearer every day, but because understanding and intelligence often leave us before we die.

Meditations 3:1


One of the things we’re lost is contemplation of death. Look at the stoic, and much of Buddhist philosophy, death is always present. Memento Mori, remember that you must die. Its considered impolite to discuss death these days, and that’s a loss, for what gives life meaning except for death?

So move with urgency and deliberation, your days here are fleeting and short.

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