Category: Ancient History

  • Ann Yearsley – Poet, Mother, Abolitionist, Classicist

    Ann Yearsley was an 18th century milk woman, farmer’s wife and the mother of six children. She was also a poet, an auto-didactic classicists, and a fierce abolitionist.  She was, in other words, completely amazing. Yearley was born in a poor family in the Bristol and taught to read and write by her parents. While […]

  • Milo: Brains versus Brawn

    Classic’s professor Tom Stevenson has written a fascinating piece* parsing the ancient sources for a true record of how many Olympic wins Milo had – was it six… or seven? The whole article is worth a read, if ancient history is your thing, but this part from the introduction really stuck with me: [Milo] became […]

  • Alfred Williams – Poet, Factory Worker, Classicist

    Alfred Williams (1877-1930) Author of Life in a Railway Factory, Williams taught himself Greek and Latin while working full time in a factory. William’s left school at 11 to work at a farm laborer, before becoming a steamhammer operator at age 14. He worked in that factory for the next twenty four years and also […]

  • Milo in the News

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a lot more people are getting to this website by searching some variation of “Milo and the bull”, Milo and the calf”, Milo of Croton”, etc. I wasn’t sure why it was happening. Perhaps final papers in freshman intro to classics class were due? Was Milo mentioned […]

  • Your Occasional Stoic: Self-Control and Resistance to Distractions

    For Maximus: Self-control and resistance to distractions. Optimism in adversity – especially illness A personality in balance: dignity and grace together Doing your job without whining. Other people’s certainty that what he said was what he thought, and what he did was done without malice. Never taken aback or apprehensive. Neither rash nor hesitant – […]

  • Your Occasional Stoic – we’re always “too busy”

    From Alexander the Platonist: rarely, and never without essential cause, to say or write to anyone that ‘I am too busy’; nor to use a similar excuse, advancing ‘pressure of circumstances’ in constant avoidance of the proprieties inherent in our relations to our fellows and contemporaries –          Aurelius, Meditations, 1:12 Alexander the Platonist was for […]

  • The Hero Brought Low: Representations of Milo in Art

    There are two central stories about Milo of Croton – the story of his training with the calf, and the story of his death by wolf attack.  As I’ve searched the web for images of our man Milo to illustrate this website I’ve noticed a pattern.  Artists appear much more interested in representing the story […]

  • Ephesus, Antinous, and Guide Stories

    You don’t need a guide to visit the wonderfully preserved Roman ruins of Ephesus, but it helps.  The sight lacks much signage and is overwhelmed with tourist.  Having someone to guide us through the crowds, and ensure that we didn’t miss anything, made our day there special.  Our guide, Dicle* was deeply knowledgeable about Ephesus […]