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  • Milo: Brains versus Brawn

    Classic’s professor Tom Stevenson has written a fascinating piece* parsing the ancient sources for a true record of how many Olympic wins Milo had – was it six… or seven? The whole article is worth a read, if ancient history is your thing, but this part from the introduction really stuck with me: [Milo] became […]

  • Milo in the News

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a lot more people are getting to this website by searching some variation of “Milo and the bull”, Milo and the calf”, Milo of Croton”, etc. I wasn’t sure why it was happening. Perhaps final papers in freshman intro to classics class were due? Was Milo mentioned […]

  • Classical Sources for the Milo Stories

    Classical Sources for the Milo Stories

    A collection of the classical sources for the Milo stories. More on Milo can be found here.  On Saving Pythagoras and the Philosophers: Milo, who was the most renowned of wrestlers, and lived in terms of intimacy with Pythagoras, who abode long in this city[meaning Croton]. They relate that at a banquet of the philosophers, […]