Category: The Ger's Conversion

  • Progress

    Yesterday I wrote a short post about how I hadn’t heard from my Rabbi about my conversion essay and then, hours after posting, I got a reply. Rabbi, are you reading my blog? Anyway, he seemed to like the essay and had no real edits of it, so we’re on for a meeting with the […]

  • The waiting is the hardest part

    For me, the conversion process has been a lot of hurry up and wait. I submitted my conversion essay to my rabbi over a month ago and have yet to get any feedback on it. I spoke with him on the phone earlier this week, and he admitted not having looked at it. Passover and […]

  • Where my conversion stands

    Since I stopped updating regularly here, I’ve taken substantial steps toward converting in the conservative movement. I’ll give you a recap of how all this went down. First, around the time of my last post, I had started attending conversion class with a conservative rabbi h ere in the D.C. It was a great experience. […]

  • Five Months

    Five months is a long time. A lot has happened, an awful lot. At first I thought I would use this space to talk about the trials and tribulations of conversion. What worried me about the prospect and what excited me. But I got cold feet. By the third post, this blog was getting alot […]

  • Cathedrals in Time

    Class this week was pretty amazing, the subject for discussion was the Sabbath, something E and I in our own way have been attempting to honor. We light candles, we say Kiddush,  but we’re not shomer shabbas, and we don’t always get the candles lit by sundown. Still, you do what you can do. Readings […]

  • The nature of the convert.

    As someone pursuing conversion, one of the things I find it important (and difficult) to balance between enthusiasm and fetishization and between interest and hobbyism*. I’m excited about Judaism, I love diving into new areas of study and this is an area of study big enough to keep me busy for the rest of my […]

  • First Class

    We had our first conversion class last night. I think it went very well. The Rabbi is a welcoming and thoughtful person. The breakdown of the class was as I expected – nine people six of whom were couples who were either married, engaged or considering getting married and three who were there by themselves. […]

  • Study

    Just a quick post today to note what the reading will be for the conversion I am taking and some thoughts on study: The text book is Living Judaism: The Complete Guide to Jewish Belief, Tradition and Practice The bible we’ll be using is the JPS Tanakh Other recommended reading is: Jewish Literacy Jewish Holidays […]

  • Rabbi Recap

    The meeting with the Rabbi last night went very well. He was as warm and welcoming in person as he seemed on the phone and I feel very lucky that my first experiences with conversion have been with someone like this. Sitting in his well-appointed study, we spent some time just chit chatting, E told […]

  • Questions, questions, questions

    We have our first meeting with a Rabbi tonight, and I am both excited and terrified. He is apparently conservative and runs numerous classes for those considering conversion. Some questions I intend to ask: 1. What are the positive and negative things about choosing a conservative synagogue for conversion? My understanding is that some orthodox […]