Cairo! (day 2)

I am stuck in the apartment today waiting for my luggage to arrive. They say it will be here sometime between noon and five. Thanks Italians, you’ve ruined most of my first day in Cairo.

Last night N, the new roomie*, took me for a mini tour of Zamalek, the neighborhood we’re living in. Its kind of a fascinating place, home to tons and ton of internationals, including the students of AUC and a lot of people who work at the various embasses on the island** Its a gorgeous neighborhood, but pretty run down. I am reminded of a passage in Cairo: The City Victorious where the author talks about how the poor of Cairo know that one day, all the rich neighborhoods eventually become their own. It feels like that is kinda happening in Zamalek. But what do I know? I’ve been here less than 24 hours.

Goals for today:
get luggage, get a gym membership and figure out my way around the hood a little.

here’s another picture from my balcony:

* who, by the way is a little odd. He’s Chinese, and his English isn’t all that great so its hard to tell how much of the awkwardness is language. He is an insane supporter of the Chinese regime, arguing with me last night that democratic reform in China would lead to mass starvation… Yikes!
**that’s right Zamalek is an island, in the middle of the Nile.

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