Cairo! (Day Three)

Do you ever have those moments where you just can’t believe your life? I had one today where I was like “holy fucking shit, I am riding in cab, over the Nile rive, in a suit, on my way to my first day at a job in a law office where I will be the only American.” How the fuck did this happen? I’m a kid from Vernon, CT for Godsakes. What the hell am I doing here?

Here’s some random thoughts from today:
– Tried to take a photo of the Iraq Emvassy today, but got waved away by a dude with a big gun.

– Its strange being here for two months and working full time. I don’t really have time to explore too much at night. (though I did check out Zamalek a little more… not much going on besides hipster spots and the Dawan bookstore, which is pretty awesome) I am in a strange place between a tourist and a resident. I’ve been here three days and I really have’t seen shit. The old part of the city and the

– Zamalek is I think the perfect place for me to live. Its quiet by Cairo standards, and I don’t get hassled on the street at all. Of course the down side is non-Egyptians surround me pretty much all the time. My whole building is full of foreigners, for example. And the place on the corner advertises “American coffee”.* Awesome.

– Tomorrow, more work, and allowing myself to take it easy. Sight seeing is just going to have to wait till the weekend, I think.

* Can I say so far the food has been eh? I must be missing something. I’ve had decent shwerma, but nothing I couldn’t get in New York. I need to find a fuul spot, anyone who has been here got recommendations for places to eat?
Anyway, first day on the job today and I think it went pretty well.

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