Cairo (The Hanging Church)

I should do a big tourist post about everything I’ve seen – maybe later. For now, settle for these bullet points of last couple days…

1. This weekend I almost got in a fist fight with a cabbie.

2. I also saw all of coptic cairo, which boasts cairo’s oldest synagogue, church and mosque. I only saw the church, so I’ll have to go back.

3. I had two I cannot believe my life moments:
a. Sitting in an insanely nice bar on the nile, sipping a beer while the people around me argue in a mixture of arabic, french and english.
b. Going a 90 miles an hour in an escalade on my way to a plastics factory in the middle of dessert where, when we show up, they serve us grilled salmon.

4. They’re playing Biggie in the cafe I am sitting in, and it is making me homesick.

Here’s the hanging church


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