So, the last couple of days the top of my left foot has hurt while I ran, this morning, it hurt when I woke up. I’m hoping this is nothing, but I worry I have once again made a rookie mistake of going too hard too fast. Best case scenario is I am a wimp and this is something that will go away in a day or two. Worst case scenario is I have some sort of stress fracture.

Can I tell you how much I hate this? I really do not want to be sidelined for more than a couple of days right when I am getting back into running again. So, so frustrating. I was looking forward to a good run today.

2 thoughts on “Injured?

  1. ice it, elevate it and pop some ibuprofen… that’s become my health care routine when i get an ache. hopefully since it just came on it’s just an ache and not a sf. give it some pampering and have patience!

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