Friday Inspiration

The return of friday videos to get you excited for weekend long runs. Here is one of Anton Krupicka who long runs are looooong. Like a hundred miles long. Krupicka is definitely a dirty hippie, also a really interesting character. Check him out customizing his shoes to make them more light weight and unobtrusive at the begining of the video.

My long run isn’t going to be Krupicka long, I’m just hoping to go fourteen miles.

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  1. tgorourke

    They did a cover story on him in Running Times a few summers ago. He is one we..ii..rr..dd dude. As in he spent the night in a bathroom the night before a race. Or lived in a friend’s closet one semester.

    He definitely runs to the beat of a different drummer, literally.

    1. seanv2

      Oh really? I am going to have to read that. I am kind of fascinated by the guy.

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