Training Totals

Are a big fat zero. I didn’t run at all last week and, after the doctors appointment today, it appears that I will not be running for another week.

Have I mentioned that I hate this?

Upside – I got a cortizone shot in my foot today which made me feel like a pro football player or something

Downside – I can’t run and I am officially out for the half marathon. What a disappointing return to running this season has been for me. I started off doing pretty well and then the bar and then vacation and then injury. Sucks, man, really sucks.

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  1. Glenn Jones

    Chin up Sean. One thing you can be sure of – if you run at some point you will be injured. The key is taking the aptience to minimize your down time. Don’t rush it dude….

  2. seanv2

    Thanks for the kind words, Glenn. I know I shouldn’t rush it, but man is this annoying!

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