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  • Training Totals Week Ending 3/11/2012

    RECAP: Still here, still running. Insanely busy with work, but fitting in some miles and keeping to my promise to build the miles slowly and not get hurt.  Last week was the first time I hit thirty miles for the week since November and it felt fine. In an abundance of caution, I took a slight […]

  • Training Totals 1/9/2012

    RECAP: A new year and a new commitment to running smart, to building the mileage slowly; a commitment to being boring, safe, and to being injury free. These updates are going to be dull, dull, dull for the foreseeable future – some running, some time on the elliptical, some weight lifting. If I play my cards […]

  • Training Totals 11.13.2011

    RECAP: Well there is definitely something wrong with my ankle, how serious it is, I’d don’t know. Right now I’ve cut way back on the miles and upped the cross training and am hoping that with ice and reduced mileage, it’ll go away. So, goals wise, it wasn’t a good week, but I did run, […]

  • Training Totals Week Ending 11.6.2011

    RECAP: Busy, people, I’m very busy, but I’m getting the running done and that is what matters, right? This was the first time in a long while where I felt good about running, until Sunday when my goddamn ankle started to hurt. I got in a good chunk of running, including a 15 miler on […]

  • Training Totals Week Ending 10.23.2011

    RECAP: Well holy shit, a week of running! Seems like it has been a long time since I could say that. 34 miles in five hours isn’t high level training, sure, but it is better than what I have been doing for the past month. I’ll take it, and build on it. Alright, the numbers: […]

  • Training Totals 9.4.2011

    RECAP: Once again I didn’t hit all the goals, but I did make significant progress. 48 miles isn’t fifty, and nine hours isn’t ten, but neither is is bad. I had an excellent track work out, which I think shows that my 5k PR is soft, and I ran 15 miles on Friday night with […]

  • Training Week of 7/31/2011

    RECAP: It remains mother loving hot out there, but I shall preserve. This week was a big step up in the mileage from recent weeks. I got in a fair number of miles, admittedly much slower than I was hoping, but still, plenty of running took place and I am happy with the 56 miles […]

  • Training Totals 5.22.2011

    RECAP: So that’s a month of weeks over fifty. I’m tired, but decidedly uninjured, and feeling good about where my running is right now. I ran my biggest week of the year this week at a little more than 51 miles, and ran my longest long run of the year at 14.25 miles, all of […]

  • Training Totals 5.15.2011

    RECAP: Life got ahead of me last week and I missed posting the training totals here. I know, you were very disappointed. While I haven’t had much time for the internets of late, I have been hitting the roads with regularity and traveling some good distance. This week was my third week over fifty miles, […]

  • Training Totals 4.24.11

    RECAP: I had big plans. I figured I could keep up my mileage in the days leading up to my wedding and then get in some decent miles on the honeymoon. Wrong, wrong wrong.  The week before the honeymoon and the week of the honeymoon were some of the most amazing weeks of my life, […]