Notes from an early morning gym visit.

1. Spotted – the mayor’s dad. Our mayor, Adrien Fenty is born and raised in my neck of the woods, his parents own a running store in Adam’s Morgan and his dad is a bit of a fitness nut. He was the first African American to ever run Western States, thank you very much. He is also, apparently, a member of my gym.

2. Spotted – a guy wearing a Barack Obama for State Senate 1996 t-shirt. That shirt is like the political junky equivalent of the Beatles butcher album. I wonder if the guy worked that campaign, if he bought it off ebay, or if it is was even original. Yes people, I spent that much time wondering about a political t-shirt.

3. More generally, the look and feel of different gyms is always fascinating. When I lived in New York I worked out at a crunch gym on the edge of SoHo. That place was full of the model pretty, skinny ladies plugging away for hours on end on elliptical machines and guys trying to walk that fine line of being both emaciated and slightly muscled. When I moved down here I worked out in both the Georgetown gym, which was roughly divided into Type A people who were super serious about lifting weights and Type A people who were super serious about running/cardio in general and a crossfit gym which was full of people whose lives depended on being super fit cause they did things like “worked in extraction” and “worked for the department of defense”. Nothing makes you feel closer to the world of covert operations that showering with it. Now at this gym, I feel like I am finally working out in a normal environment. Some people are super fit (like Fenty’s dad) and some are clearly new to the experience, but most are just there to get in their forty minutes of cardio, maybe do a couple of crunches or use a machine. Its all very civilized and it is quite a change from my other gym experiences.

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