Holiday Challenge

As this lingering foot issue is keeping me from running the miles I want, I’ve been hitting the concept2 rower again with some frequency (logging 5000 meters this morning, longest row yet!). I love the variety it offers from running and man do I break a sweat on the thing.

Now, because I can’t do anything “just for fun” I’ve been poking around on the concept2 site and decided that I am going to go for the holiday challenge this year, 200,000 meters between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is roughly 7,000 meters a day. Everyday. A commitment, sure, but not insane. I’m wondering if anyone else out there in internet land would be interested in joining me? Knowing someone else was out there logging the meters would be a great incentive to keep me on the machine.


8 thoughts on “Holiday Challenge

  1. How long does it take you to row 7,000 m? The challenge part is intriguing….the idea of not running everyday and erging instead is not so intriguing!

  2. Well, I did 5,000 today and it took 22 minutes, so my guess is 7,000 would take somewhere around half an hour – forty minutes. But keep in mind if it is only 7k then you have to do it every single day. I’m thinking I will probably try and be closer to 10K and not do it every day.

    Do it SMT! It’ll be fun, and you’ll get raging gunz!

  3. Okay — I have an idea. Seriously, if you want someone to track kilometers with — I’d totally count ks along with you, but I’ll run the kilometers? Is that cheating?

    It’s just that it would mean not running at all from Thanksgiving to Xmas which would drive me insane.

  4. “I plan on running a little during this… is that crazy?” — seanv2, oct 2009
    “I plan on studying for the bar while training for a marathon… is that crazy? — seanv2, apr 2009

    somewhere between probably to yes is my answer! 🙂 though i don’t know, now with your cushy day job, hehehe…

    • haha…you think there is a pattern here? Well if running fades a little, no big deal. But I have time now! I’m only working!

  5. I’d erg with you but i don’t have an erg or access to one 😦 I can attempt it in running though… I think? Just b/w thanksgiving and Christmas? Or does it start sooner?

    • Lindsay, the challenge is just between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you ran it, it’d be an average of what, five miles a day? You can do that!

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