New York Marathon

Congratulations to

Lindsay from Chasing the Kenyans setting a new PR in  3:33:02

Derartu Tulu winning the women’s division in 2:28:52

Meb Keflezighi becoming the first American in 27 years to win the NYC marathon, finishing in 2:09:15

I am especially moved by Meb’s performance. The American running media has expended gallons of ink on Ryan Hall (a great runner, no doubt) while Meb has not gotten nearly as much press. To have someone with his life story be the first American to win the race in 27 years is incredible. He should be really proud. As should everyone else who was out there yesterday.

New York was my first (and so far only) marathon, and I loved the experience. Man I am looking forward to getting back there.

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  1. Jason

    Thanks I would be honored to be on the Jock Roll. I hope to have a blog roll soon, I actually have not figured out how yet.

  2. lindsay

    thanks for the shoutout! i’m even listed before the pro’s! 🙂

    nyc was such a good race. i’ve always been big on not-repeating a race, but nyc… just may be calling my name again!

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