Training Totals 11.01.09

Recap – I had a really great week exercise wise. Joining the local gym was the best investment in fitness I have made in a while. With my running so limited recently, I need to be working out in the gym or I am going to get enormous and out of shape.

Anyway, the take away from this week is I crush my goals rowing wise, and I think if I can manage my schedule properly, the holiday challenge shouldn’t be a problem. Check out the numbers below.

Training numbers for the week ending 11.01.09

This week’s training numbers are brought to you by the pain felt in my butt after rowing 10,000 meters.

Weekly Data:

Average Weight – 188

Running Miles: 13.5 miles in 2:01:01 hours

Row Meters: 17,000 (10.6 miles) in 1:16:58

Weight Training and Bodyweight work: sets of push ups, pull ups, dips, crunches, in a total of ~ 45:00

Total exercise time: ~4 hours

Review of Last Week’s Goals:

1. Increase run mileage by ~10% to 13.5 – DONE

2. Increase row total to 7,000 meters – DONE

3. Do body weight work three days – DONE

Goals for Next Week:

1. Increase mileage by ~10% to 14.5

2. Increase row total to 20,000 meters

3. Do body weight work three days

4. Keep to schedule regarding limited alcohol consumption

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