Training Totals for week of 2.14.10

RECAP: So, I have just finished one of the busiest two month stretches of my life. Through it all I was able to keep to my promise to myself to work out everyday, and I’m pretty happy about that.

The last couple of weeks, I not only keep the workout streak going, I drowned my sorrows in logging more miles. I went from 14 miles for the week ending on the 7th to 20 this week. I needed to run, and it felt good. No problems with the foot and it feels really good to be back up to twenty miles per week. I can’t wait until I am north of thirty again.

Now that my life looks like it will get back to “normal”, I hope to write a lot more here about running and my obsession with it. Expect more than just weekly totals coming soon. But for now, more numbers catch up.


Work out streak: 44 days; (321 to go)

Average Weight – 188.5 (I think, I haven’t weighed myself in a minute)

Running Miles: 20 in 3:09:18 average pace: 9:03

Row Meters: 15,000 (9.3 miles) in 1:12:17

Bike Miles: 0

Swim Miles: 0

Body weight exercises and balance work: 30:00

Total exercise time: ~4:45

Weekly Data:

Monday – Rowed 10K in 46:22

Tuesday – Ran 4.5 miles in 42:41

Wednesday – Rowed 5K in 22:55; 100 push ups in 10:00

Thursday – Ran 5 in 45:00

Friday – Ran 4.5 in 43:04

Saturday – Ran 4.5 in 43:48

Sunday – Ran 1.5 in 14:45; 100 push ups, 40 pull ups in 20:00

Goals for Last Week:


Goals for Next Week:

Not going to pretend to set goals for a week which already occurred.

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