Friday Inspiration

This week was the Boston Marathon. Robert K Cheruiyot won it in a new course record of 2:05:52; Teyba Erkesso won the women’s field in 2:26:11. Here’s a clip of the finishes, Teyba Erkesso’s win is by far the more dramatic.

For some reference, I ran a fifteen mile training run last sunday in 2:19:00, at a 9:16 pace. Cheruiyot’s new record was run at an average pace of around five minutes per mile. Dude is fast.

Someday, I am going to run Boston. Not in 2:05 of course, but I am going to run it. Training runs like the twenty miler I have planned for Sunday are what is going to get me there. Just you wait, sometime within the next five years, I’ll be toeing the line in Boston. I promise.

8 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration

  1. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the email. I know you will run Boston one day, once the seed is planted, it’s hard to let go. I’d love to follow your blog, thanks for the contact!

  2. Thanks Meghan, as you say, the seed is planted. Now I just need to shave a couple of hours off my marathon time! I’m adding you to the jock roll now.

    • Thanks! Not sure how fun it’ll be, but I’ll be glad when it is over!

      PS – I added your great blog to my blog roll.

  3. Yeah when you see those leaders flying through on the Boston course, it really is something to see. The good thing, as a spectator, that you have lots of notice when they are coming. There’s the press helicopter hovering, the police car with lights flashing and the marathon truck with the official time clock. Lindsay’s fiancee got the most awesome photo of Ryan Hall, who literally ran within 3 feet of us – he was so close to the curb it was awesome!

    Your fifteen miler in 2:19 – that’s pretty awesome!

    • Yeah, maybe one day I’ll go to Boston to just watch. I’ve seen the elites in NY a couple of times and its amazing.

      And thanks for the kind words on the 15 miler. That one did go well, unfortunately, the twenty miler this weekend was a little rougher…

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