Friday Inspiration: Pre

This hasn’t been the best week running wise for me. I’m battling this bruising in my foot, plus a cold. All around, not great. But I’m still getting in some of the mile, and I still have a 18 mile long run planned for this weekend.  We’ll see how this goes.

To get me pumped, I just watched this awesome vintage footage of running legend Steve Prefontaine. Love Pre’s aggresion in his running… he died far too young.

3 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration: Pre

    • Yeah, trying to walk that fine line right now between not getting injured and not losing my fitness. Only one month till the race, and I do not want to crew this up.

  1. hope your foot holds up for the 18miler. better to “fail” at some of your goals for the week than make things worse and miss your marathon in a few weeks – i know you know…

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