Training Totals 6.6.2010

RECAP: Not the world’s best week, people. I came off last week’s marathon excited about how much my running has progressed in the last six months and basically ran right into an injury. Since the marathon, I’ve been having some pain in my left ankle whenever I run, sometimes its pretty bad, sometimes it is just annoying. Yesterday, it was bad and is still kind of aching today. I don’t know what to do about it. I really, really, don’t want to take time off, but I also don’t want to be stupid. I’m going to do really light mileage for a couple of days and see if it gets any better, if it doesn’t, I’ll have to reassess.

In other news, because I am very smart indeed, I am signed up for a 10K race this weekend, the Lawyers have a Heart 10k. Seemed appropriate since I am a lawyer, and I have a heart. This will be my first 10K and I have no idea what to expect for time. McMillian calculator says I should be able to do it in around 47:00, but with my ankle being wonky, who knows.


Work out streak: 158 days; (229 to go)

Run Streak: 110 Days

Average Weight – 182 (same as last week)

Running Miles: 18.5 miles in  2:57:43 for an average pace of 9:47 pace

Row Meters: 0

Bike Miles: 0

Swim Miles: 0

Body weight exercises and balance work: 1:00:00

Total exercise time: ~4:00 hours

Weekly Data:

Monday – Ran 1 in 12:00

Tuesday – Ran 3 in 30:30; Body weight work (various stretches, abs, etc) in 30:00

Wednesday – Ran 4 in 34:59; Bodyweight work (56 push ups, stretches) in 20:00

Thursday – Ran 4 in 38:47; Body weight work (various stretches, abs, etc) in 20:00

Friday – Ran 1 in 8:45

Saturday – Ran 1 in 10:00

Sunday – Ran 4.5 in 46:42

Goals for Last Week:

1. Resist the urge to immediately jump back into serious running – DONE

2. Stretch every day – FAIL

3. Assess where you’re at and begin planning for the summer. – DONE

4. Register for Philly! – DONE!!!

Goals for Next Week:

1. Pay attention to this ankle and determine whether or not it is a serious problem

2. Watch what I eat and try and lose a pound

3.  Run the Lawyers Have a Heart 10k

4. Make a concerted effort to find time for bodyweight work at least three times.

One thought on “Training Totals 6.6.2010

  1. i would take the race by feel, obviously with your ankle acting up. i’m sure the calculator isn’t factoring in the fact that you just ran a marathon! those things beat our bodies up more than we realize – so give yourself a few weeks of little-running/easy-running before putting any pressure on. like you said, don’t want to be too anxious and get injured or anything!

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