Training Totals 1.17.2011

RECAP: I am an idiot. I got to fifty this week, with faster than expected long run on Saturday and a very fast ten miler on Sunday, but I am paying for it now. My left PF is seriously inflamed. I can barely walk. I am an idiot. I was planning on this week being a cut back week, but I think it is going to be an extremely low mileage week. Time to heal, regroup, and go at it again.


Run Streak: 28

Average Weight – 175

Running Miles: 50.5 in 7:21:39 average pace of 8:45

Bike Miles: None

Body Weight Work: None

Total exercise time: ~7 hours

Daily Breakdown:

Monday – Ran 6 in 52:01

Tuesday – 6 in 47:54 (work out: fartleks in mile 2, then all out on Center drive x 2)

Wednesday – 4.5 in 43:00

Thursday – 8 in 1:14:02

Friday – 1 in 8:38

Saturday – 15 in 2:12:54

Sunday – 10 in 1:23:10

Goals for Last Week:

  1. Run everyday, at least three miles – FAIL
  2. Run fifty miles for the week – DONE!
  3. Watch what I shove in my mouth – DONE
  4. Do at least one “work out” – DONE!


Goals for Next Week:

  1. Ice PF twice a day, everyday.
  2. Run everyday
  3. Survive to fight another week.

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  1. smt

    dude, that sucks. Is PF piriformis or plantar fascitis? either way — maybe actually consider taking a full week off? i know that is basically unimaginable from your position but from the perspective of someone who has been where you are and has now returned to the realm of sanity (haha, no but really, as someone who just recently got rid of the weight i gained this summer as a result of injury, trying to come back too soon from injury, and re-injury…) it seems a lot smarter than trying to push through for purposes of insane dedication…

    anyway, however you deal with it, i hope you get better soon! don’t forget the vitamin I! (ibuprofen)

  2. seanv2

    Plantar Fascitis, I think. Could be something else.

    Any normal person would take time off, but I am not a normal person. I am going to do one stupid obsessive mile tonight and hope that by tomorrow it is starting to feel a little better… we’ll see.

  3. smt

    to quote my mother: “how can you be so smart yet be so dumb?” oh well 🙂 gl

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