Training Totals 6.19.2011

RECAP: After some illness and a week from hell, I got back in the groove this week running 46 miles in around seven hours. Toughest run was definitely the 15 miler on Saturday. It was hot out there and I just wasn’t feeling all that great. I averaged a depressing ten minutes per mile, including two walk breaks. Next week the long run has got to be better.

Alright, numbers:


Run Streak: 0 days

Average Weight – No clue, the scale is broken.

Running Miles: 46 in 6:54:29

Bike Miles: 0

Body Weight Work: 15 minutes

Total exercise time: ~7 hours

Daily Breakdown:

Monday – 1 in 9:00

Tuesday – 11 in 1:30:16; 15 minutes of body weight work including 33 push ups

Wednesday – 8 in 1:07:39

Thursday – 5.5 in 49:04

Friday – 5.5 in 48:30

Saturday – 15 in 2:30:00

Sunday – rest day

Goals for Last Week:

  1. n/a

Goals for Next Week:

  1. Run at least 55 miles
  2. Body weight work at least three times.

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  1. B.o.B.

    You are too hard on yourself! You look like you had a good week to me!

    1. seanv2

      Hey thanks! I feel good about this week, it is the week before that was a disaster. Still, I’m back on the horse now!

  2. Blaine @ 101marathoners

    Wow – some great distance there. Defiantly in the groove!
    What type of body training are you doing? I need to rest my knees a bit so I’m going to focus on cross training and weights. Suggestions?

    1. seanv2

      Thanks Blaine!

      For body weight work, I just do push ups, squats, and various balance drills. I’m using some of the exercises suggested at gymnastic bodies.

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