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  • Running Again

    I started the long road back to running this week – 3.5 miles of run walk combination completed in 38:40 for an average of a 12:54 mile. It was slow, it was boring, but it was running, pain free running and it has been a long, long time since I have run without pain. At […]

  • Looking Back / Looking Forward

    Looking Back: 2010 was a year of unfulfilled potential. I started the year off with an injury, bounced back for a strong spring and summer, and finished the year with two serious injuries and a very disappointing fall racing season. I ran 1582 miles this year, roughly one hundred miles fewer than I ran in […]

  • Training Totals Week Ending 11.20.2011

    RECAP: This week was the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon. Initially, I had signed up for the full marathon, but injuries upon injuries this fall made me back down to the half. It was a gorgeous day for a run, but I just wasn’t in shape. I finished the half in a disappointing 1:54 and change. […]

  • Training Totals Week Ending 10.23.2011

    RECAP: Well holy shit, a week of running! Seems like it has been a long time since I could say that. 34 miles in five hours isn’t high level training, sure, but it is better than what I have been doing for the past month. I’ll take it, and build on it. Alright, the numbers: […]

  • Training Totals Week Ending 10.16.2011

    RECAP: This week was the turn around, I can feel it. I hit rock bottom in my running, thought about giving it up for a while, and then rebounded and ran through the streets of Columbus, Ohio of all places loving the feel of covering ground. It was not a great week numbers wise, or […]

  • Training for the week ending 10.2.2011

    RECAP: Ugh, I was really hoping to put together a good week, but incessant rain, family obligations, and just an all-around down attitude about running made this week more “eh” then “yeah!”. Still better than last week. Alright, the numbers: Summary: Run Streak: 6 days Average Weight –183.5 Running Miles: 29 in 4:34:00 Bike Miles: […]

  • Training Totals 8.28.2011

    RECAP: Another week in suck city. I had to have a routine medical procedure this week which laid me up for two days. Then there was a goddamn hurricane. All in all it sucked, and the less said about it the better. Alright, the numbers: Summary: Run Streak: 4 days Average Weight –186.7 Running Miles: […]

  • The Long Run: A Parkway and Two Bridges

    The first in a series recounting my long run adventures. I have run over 1600 miles in Prospect Park, much of it on the 3.3 mile main loop of the park. It has, as you might imagine, gotten a little boring. In an attempt to branch out, see more of the city by foot, and […]

  • Track Work-Out

    I ran my first track workout last night at the Red Hook track. The track itself is in remarkably good condition considering it is open to the public at all hours and located deep in Red Hook. It is surrounded by warehouses and the BQE overpass and heavily used by serious and casual runners. When […]

  • Running Commute

    Trying to balance running a lot with working a lot and still seeing my wife and friends is not an easy task. Efficient use of time is key. So, with that in mind, this week I started running home from work. This being New York, the land of the Type A nut job, it is […]