Training Totals Week Ending 10.16.2011

RECAP: This week was the turn around, I can feel it. I hit rock bottom in my running, thought about giving it up for a while, and then rebounded and ran through the streets of Columbus, Ohio of all places loving the feel of covering ground. It was not a great week numbers wise, or even “feel” wise, I was sore, my ankle hurt, I felt fat and slow (even though I wasn’t nearly as slow as I thought I would be). But I ran. And I felt much, much better.

There is not much point in recapping the week day by day. I went twenty miles in five runs. That isn’t much but it is the start of something. It was not a strong week and I didn’t make any of my goals but all of that seems secondary. What is important is I am running and soon enough it will feel good again.

For this week, there is only one goal – get out there and run. Everyday. Enjoy fall in New York and rediscover why I do this stupid sport.

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