Training Totals 4.30.2012

On my previous running blog every week I did a day by day recap of how much I had run, how long it took, etc.  But really, who the fuck cares?  Unless you’re some sort of elite athlete, reading a list of a bloggers weight training, or time on a bike, is just boring.  We’ll do away with that here and focus on the bigger picture of what the week meant in exercise and study, plus a short tally of time spent on various activities.


Average Weight: 190

Total strength and flexibility time: 4

Total cardio time (counting metcon): 1.5

Total exercise time of 5.5

Not a bad week, exercise wise, but not everything I was hoping for.  Things started off well, but faltered when I went to D.C. for a wedding and discovered that the hotel gym really fucking sucked.  If only I could run pain free, exercising while traveling would be much easier, hell, cardio in general would be much easier.  Unfortunately, it is not to be.  At least not for now.  Cardio-wise I’m stuck on the goddamn bike, spending huge amounts of time to burn very few calories.  As is clear from the totals above, I need to be spending a lot more time on cardio.  I don’t want to do it, but god help me I may have to resort to the elliptical later this week.

Strength training is going much better. It was a good week workout wise with an especially good session with an old friend where I finally got a sense of what my one rep maxes are for the three major lifts. Here’s the baseline:

Deadlift: 231

Bench:  175

Squat: 149

This is not very strong, but it’s a start. I’m beginning Wender’s 5-3-1 program this week and I have high hopes for what it will do for my overall performance.  More about that tomorrow.

Climbing, sucked this week, but in the best way possible.  I hadn’t been to the climbing gym in three weeks and it showed.  I’m fatter, and my technique has suffered.  I really need to be making an effort to (a) lose weight and (b) get to the climbing gym at least once a week.


I also plan to track my language acquisition and other stuff here. Unfortunately, nothing to report on that front.  I spent the week working and reading a silly spy novel.  Not impressive. More next week.


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