Week in Review: Ending 5/13/2012

Scheduling.  It always comes down to scheduling.  I work fifty to sixty hours a week, I’m married, I have a social life, where does study and working out fit in? Sometimes it isn’t easy, lately it has been downright impossible.  Another week of not meeting my goals, but this coming week is another chance to do better.


Looking back – Last week’s goals were:

  • Work out six days – FAIL
  • Run three times – FAIL
  • Stretch everyday – FAIL

Another busy week at work, plus travel and social obligations, combined into total exercise failure.  I worked out three days, but clearly, that isn’t enough.

I started Wendlers 5-3-1 but didn’t even finish the first week. I am actually not sure how I am feeling about weight training in general.  I like the lifting in the moment, but I don’t know if I like what it is doing to my body.  I’m going to stick with it for a little while at least through a couple of Wendler cycles and see how it goes.

Running: – 10.5 miles in ~1:40Row: 0

Bike: 0

Strength and Flex: ~1:00

Climbing: 1:45

Total exercise time: ~3:25

Looking Forward – Basically, a reboot of last week, with an emphasis on a lot more time in the gym:

  • Complete Week 1 of Wendler’s
  • Exercise at least six days
  • Exercise at least ten hours
  • Stretch every day
  • Run three days


Weekly language study time: ~1:45

To date study time: ~7:45

Books finished: 1

Books read for the year: 15

Looking backwards:

Last weeks goals:

  • Study for at least fifteen minutes six days; – FAIL
  • Study for at least one hour one day. – FAIL

Getting after the Hebrew, not as much as I’d have liked, but still, getting after it.  I still don’t know the alphabet, but I know a lot more of it than I did a week ago. Next week:

Study for at least fifteen minutes five days out of the week

Study for at least one hour one day

Let’s see if we can make this week a little more inspiring than last.

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  1. iamsmt

    You should set a goal of writing an achievable/realistic set of goals one of these weeks! 😉

  2. seanv2

    God you are so right!

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