Training Totals Week Ending 8-8-2013

A gorgeous week in the mountains of Vermont has come to an end.  Now I am back at my desk, watching the sunset over midtown.  It was fun while I lasted. 


I didn’t hit fifty miles for the week, but I did get in some serious time on my feet including a decent eight mile hike, to and around Moss Glen Falls and a shorter three mile affair around Stowe.  I couldn’t have asked for a better week.


The author with backpack and waterfall.
The author with backpack and waterfall.

This week, it is back to the pavement, and more miles.  I’m feeling good about my running right now, let’s hope it stays that way through the fall.  

The Numbers.


Run: 38.5 in 6:20:44
Bike: 0
Hike: ~11.5 in 4:45:00
Total Time ~11:


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  1. iamsmt

    Sean! 38.5 miles is not too shabby! A big jump from when you were running ~15. Congrats!

  2. Adam Kenawee

    Hey there Sean. I keep on going away for a few weeks and when I get the chance to look at your blog, I find it as motivating as ever! Love to read it, man.

    I have been feeling so dissatisfied with my workouts at the gym, I build muscle but I still have loads of fats to burn (probably not that much fat, but I’m still really really disappointed), so I thought I would start a new challenge myself that includes:

    1: Keep on working out (at the gym) at least four times a week (I currently work oon the list which follows…).ut 6 times a week, but will have to cut that to only 4 times to allow space for #2

    2: Play Tennis three times a week (with two coaches I hired, phew, I could hardly afford it).

    3: Do at 1000 repetition of various Tennis drills everyday (takes around 90 minutes or so), and this will be only on days which I have no Tennis classes on.

    3: Workout my abs home (I find it very distracting to do abs at the gym, I keep on slacking off and talking to all my “friends” there. I have been working out six days a week there for two years now and I have a “small” belly… how stupid, I know).

    That means all in all, I will be spending around 3 to 4 hours a day doing those things respectively.

    Ahh… I hope I will continue, but anyway, who needs hope! I will hang on for sure!

    P.S. I enjoyed this Nike Facebook photo alot and I thought maybe you would like it too…

    The caption was: “If you can get up at 7, get up at 6:30. Get up at 6. 5:30. 5. Practice while they sleep.”

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

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