Wanting it

Two days until I race in a 5k in Prospect Park and a little more than a week until the Hartford half marathon.  These races cannot come soon enough.  I’m going a little crazy here.  I’m burnt out on running, and wondering why I feel this obligation to continue a hobby which really isn’t bringing me any joy lately.

A wise man on the internet once said, “you got to want it even when you don’t want it.”  I’m definitely in a not-wanting-it phase right now.  Hopefully these races will clear out the pipes, and reinvigorate my training.  I have goals I’d still like to accomplish, but zero motivation to work towards them.  Maybe it is time for a change, maybe I should hang up the running shoes for a while and return to the climbing gym, or the bike.  We’ll see.  For now, I’m going to do a mini-taper and hopefully have two good weekends of running.

Existential jock dilemma’s can wait until later.

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  1. smt

    Good luck next week slash hope you ran well today!

    Also, I’ll just add, there is absolutely no shame in not wanting it anymore! People always ask me if I miss running marathons — or express their disbelief that I’ve never run Boston despite qualifying and living here — and I always almost take pleasure in telling them how glad I am that those days are behind me. I mean, it was great when it didn’t cause conflicts with other areas of my life that I cared about a lot, but it just wasn’t worth it anymore once it did. Anyway, I now love running with no goals/purpose. Or okay, let me rephrase that — I *like* running with no goals…like because I LOVE bouldering! 🙂

  2. seanv2

    Unfortunately a flu sidelined me this week… but now I’m on the mend, and hopefully, next week will go well.

    And thanks for the permission to not want it anymore. I’m really torn over this. I have running goals I have not reached, and I hate giving up without getting there… but then again, more than ever the daily run is a chore, and one I am too often skipping. Hopefully a good run this weekend combined with the inspiration I am taking from this post by a smart runner will inspire me to get back at it:

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