Too late for 2014 goals?

Its almost April and I am finally posting about my goals for 2014.  That should tell you a bit about how my year has been going.  As you might expect, an infant son and a new job have kept me busy.

Anyway, goals.

Last year, I set a number of lofty goals for myself.  I did not meet a single one.  Sure I ran, and I studied Hebrew, and I did some push ups and climbed some plastic rocks, but I did not do any of these as much, or as seriously, as I had hoped.

The reason for this is obvious – I prioritized other things. Work, sleep, my wife, and then, in December, my son all too precedence over silly personal projects.  I don’t regret those prioritizations.  However I do think if I’d set my goals more realistically, they could have been met.

But realistic goals are boring — they lack the romance of the big prize.  I need something hard, something a little bit stupid, yet not as hard, or as stupid, as last year.   I’ve decided to strike a balance and set one hard to achieve, but not impossible, fitness goal:

run 2,000 miles by the end of the year.

I am sure it will not surprise you that I am already behind on this one.  According to the handy calculator at, I’m currently on pace to run 707 miles for the year.  That’s’ a long way from 2k, but it also figures in the weeks right after L’s birth when I did not run a step.  If I pick up the mileage just a bit now, and can stay healthy, 2,000 is doable, and should put me in a good position for the incredibly stupid ideas I have in the works for 2015.

You can follow along here in my weekly updates.  Though lord knows why you would, it is going to be extremely boring.

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