Note to Self

Next time you think you’re too busy, or too tired, to get in a run remember last night.  Remember how, knowing L would be awake in four hours, you lay awake, unable to sleep. Remember how you wished that your legs were sore, and your body tired.  Remember that instead of watching the UCONN game while sitting on your couch you could have watched the game from the treadmill and gotten a good night’s sleep.

Remember that running is more than a way to stay skinny; it mediation that allows you stay sane and productive in the rest of your life.

Remember all this and get in the run.


2 thoughts on “Note to Self

  1. Word. And remember you won’t be the only one out on the street at a bizarre time of day/night, if that’s when you have to get it in 🙂 (I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see other runners out at 12:30 am in Singapore.)

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