Friday Inspiration: More Run Streakers

Still thinking about running streaks, still working on my own (3 days!).   Here’s a couple fo videos of people who’ve been at it a bit longer:

Charles Holmberg who, when they filmed this cheesy short for a local TV station had also been at it for thirty years. According to the USRSA website his streak is now 35 years old.

Harvey Simon, who at the filming of this short for the Wall Street Journal, had been running everyday for 30 years. Simon retired from streaking in 2013 having run every day for 34.5 years. 

What strikes me about these men is how ordinary they seem, and how simple the task they do is. Its a pretty incredible thing to run every day for thirty years.  Yet there is no glory in it, only odd looks, judgmental stares, and the occasional lame video.  I love that these guys just do this, day in, day out, for no other reason than it is what they do. There’s something to be said for consistency for consistency’s sake. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but its something.

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