Training Totals for the Week Ending 6.15.2014

Run Miles for the week: 35.8 in 5:18:30
Run Miles for the year: 438.4
Projected total miles for the year: 958.2
Run Streak: 19
Number of runs that were one stupid mile: 0
Number of days until I beat my old run streak: 95
Prospect Park loops for the week: 2
Prospect Park loops for the year: 34
Average weight: 175


Weekly workout: 1 mile warm up, then 3 miles sub 8, then 3 miles home.  A little longer on the back end than last week, but the same about time @tempo.  Shit is hard, especially the final tempo mile.  Next time, I’m going to up it to four miles. That should be painful.


Notes: Met the weekly goals of 1 workout and 35 miles. My legs feel like lead, but it also seems like I’m starting to get somewhere with this training. If I can stay consistent, and uninjured, it could be a good summer.

Goals for next week: Speaking of not getting injured, its time for a cut back week. Just going to take it easy this week, the only goal is to run everyday.





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