On Not Running Every Day

After 46 days and some really, really stupid runs, life got the better of me and I broke my running streak.  Here’s how it happened:


Saturday, up at 5:30 am on the train at 7 to meet my parents for a car hand off so that carless seanv2 clan can make its annual pilgrimage to the land of my childhood memories (Cape Cod).  I figured I’d get the run in on my way back, but – traffic.  By the time I returned to the city, friends with cute toddler were on their way.  Then E had to get her hair cut, then we had to get ready to go to a wedding.


Then, a wedding and reception with dancing and raw bar and two negronis and photos overlooking central park at night.

E and I out on the town.

E and I out on the town.

We were back home by about 11 o’clock and there was still time to get it in. But we were a little tipsy and E was pretty opposed. She gave me the serious you-are-fucking-crazy look.  And she was right.  So I took the day off.  And then the next day. And the day after that.  First run back was this morning. 5.5. miles around the park in 45:39.

Frankly, it was probably for the best. My left foot was giving me some problems and couple of days of seem to have helped. The key now, of course, is to not let the days off pile up.  So its back on the wagon with new rules for a little mini streak: run every day, each day must be at least three miles. Streak ends when I get injured or am on track to complete 2000 miles for the year (currently I’m 518 miles behind schedule).  Lets see how it goes.

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