Dah fuck with all the book reviews?

I had coffee with an old friend earlier this week and he asked what was up with all the book reviews I’ve been posting.

Perhaps a brief explanation is in order.

Over the years, I’ve written short (and sometimes not so short) book reviews for a number of different livejournals, blogs, and websites. As part of the project to finally bring all of my writing under one roof, I’ve been moving those reviews over there. Generally, I’m reposting the reviews with only minimal edits. If the review is substantially the same as the original, I note that in italicized text at the top. If its new, or heavily rewritten, there’s no italics. I’ve read a little over 1,000 books since I started keeping track twenty seven years ago. Eventually, I plan to review them all.

Interested in perusing the reviews? Reviews are all tagged books. When I remember, books are also tagged either: “recommended” (meaning I think most people interested in books will be interested), “recommended for the enthusiast” (meaning if you’re interested in the subject matter, you’ll probably be interested in the book) or “not recommended” (meaning, well, it is not recommended).
Anyway, many, many more to come. I hope you find it of some interest.

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