A Programing Note: Lots of New BQ(Q)s on the Way!

Wow. In the last two days the new BQ(Q) questionnaire form has received over 25 new responses. I’m excited to share all these stories with the readers of this website, but I’m mindful of putting too many of them up at once and losing the individual stories in the rush of statistics.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be adding two BQ(Q) a day, while continuing the 100 Days of Milo series.

Thanks to everyone who has filled out the questionnaire. Be patient, please, your story is coming to the website soon!

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  1. Modernist Cavegirl

    Can I suggest a query for average weekly mileage during BQ training?

    1. seanv2

      Great idea! I might add it to the form. BQ respondents are, on average, running 1750 miles per year, or 34 miles per week… but that doesn’t take into account higher mileage during the training cycle. Also worth noting is that the single most popular “canned” program is Pfitzinger’s 18/55 program, which should give you a sense of how much those runners are running per week.

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