A Programing Note: 100,000 hits

Over the new year, this website reached 100,000 hits. Honestly, when I started it, I never expected that many people would check it out.

By far, the vast majority of visitors to the site are interested in the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire, a project I started after asking a few people in an internet forum about how they trained. It has now blossomed into a kind of slow burning internet thing with over 100 responses, and tens of thousands of views.

Sure, people come here for some other things, the book reviews get some traffic, as do the posts about Divine Madness, and for some reason people remain fascinated by the fitness habits of disgraced generals. But by and large, the popularity of this site (such as it is) is because over 100 strangers (so far!) agreed to share their story of qualifying for Boston with me. Thanks to all of you who have taken part, I know I have learned a lot, and so have many others.

So, what’s next? Starting today, and for the next 100 days, I’m going to be doing something I’m calling 100 Days of Milo where I will be featuring 100 pages and updates for the site, some running related, some not, some new, some long ignored. I’ll be updating this post with a list of the pages as they go live, starting with number one today – the new and improved BQ(Q) Questionnaire.

I hope you enjoy reading this stuff as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and compiling it. Onward!

100 Days of Milo

  1. The New and Improved Boston Qualifier Questionnaire.
  2. The Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Spreadsheet
  3. Data Analysis of Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Part I: Overview
  4. Data Analysis of Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Part II: Training Plans
  5. Data Analysis of Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Part III: Speed Work
  6. Data Analysis of Boston Qualifier Questionnaire Part IV: Cross Training
  7. The Boston Qualifier Questionnaire — Pros and Legends Responses 
  8. The Boston Qualifier Questionnaire — Most Viewed Responses 
  9. Top Ten Book Reviews
  10. Top Ten Stand Alone Pages
  11. The Runnable Bridges of New York City
  12. The Bridges Project
  13. Get Outside!
  14. Peaks and High Points
  15. Bouldering and Rock Climbing
  16. Amateur Classicists
  17. Classics
  18. Your Occasional Stoic
  19. Classical Sources of the Milo Myths
  20. Friday Inspiration
  21. Contemporary Takes on Milo
  22. Representations of Milo in Art
  23. Stoicism
  24. Judaism
  25. Hebrew
  26. Interesting Gers
  27. My Conversion
  28. The Jock Roll
  29. Running Streaks
  30. Boston Qualifier Questionnaire – the Men
  31. Boston Qualifier Questionnaire – the Women
  32. Top Ten Most Popular BQ(Q) — the Women
  33. Top Ten Most Popular BQ(Q) — The Men
  34. Boston Qualifier Questionnaire — Popular Marathons
  35. The BQ(Q) Data Analysis Pages
  36. Running
  37. Running Heroes
  38. Prospect Park Legends
  39. Quoth the Runner
  40. Triathlon
  41. Divine Madness
  42. Totals
  43. Swim
  44. Livejournal Archive
  45. Race Autopsies
  46. Egypt
  47. Cycling
  48. Navel Gazing
  49. Ancient History
  50. Art & Culture
  51. Body Weight Training
  52. Music
  53. Nutrition
  54. Strength Training

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