Friday Inspiration — Steph Curry

Like much of sports watching America, I’m obsessed with Steph Curry. With the Nets and the Kicks stinking up the joint, the Warriors games are the only one’s I watch with any consistency. Today I read this fascinating article about Curry reworking his court movements to take pressure off his ankles and transfer the stress of play to his hips and core. Oh, and along the way working up to a 400 pound deadlift.

The man’s inspiring, at least in part people so much of his success seems to come from hard work. Here’s one of the scores of Curry motivational videos. These things are cheesy, but I love them


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  1. Lani Teshima

    Living in the SF Bay Area and being in the heart of Warriors country it’s been a pretty amazing ride. The thing about Steph Curry is that he has an amazing work ethic, but he’s also simultaneously confident and humble. He is also a devoted husband and father to two young ones. A lot of the credit goes to his father, former basketball player Dell and his wife. Dell taught him a lot about basketball, but he also taught Steph how to work hard, and what it was like to be a responsible man. He was raised with religion, discipline, love, and boundaries, and within that environment, he flourished. He is a tremendous example of what a good stable childhood in a loving home can produce!

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