Review – Newports Deep Work

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World
Cal Newport

A wake up call for a distracted internet user like myself. A call to arms to regain our attention from those who wish to monetize and destroy it. A guidebook for how to begin to rebuild your attention to succeed in the new digital world.

Here’s the basic premise: The market rewards that which is rare. In our distracted age, the ability to focus for long period of time (what Newport calls “Deep Work”) is a rare. If you can develop this skill, you will be rewarded, both financially and emotionally.

I may not be quite as strict as Newport (who has never had a social media account) but I do think that unless you’re a very certain kind of infotainment entrepreneur, or a buzzfeed reporter, you probably don’t need to spend very much time on social media.

And no one needs to be playing candy crush.

Take a couple of hours and read this short book, try to implement some of the tools he gives, and see how you feel. I know when I resist the siren song of the twitter feed, I’m more productive and feel better. You probably will too.



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