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  • Race Autopsy: The Front Runners LGBT Pride 5 Miler

    In 1982 when New York Road Runners and Front Runners partnered to host the first ever Front Runners New York LGBT Pride 5 Miler, the world was a very different place.  Sodomy laws were still prevalent throughout much of the country; the AIDS crisis was killing the community (and Reagan had still not said it name), […]

  • Meb!

    What is there to say about Meb?  Three years after Nike dropped him he has the run of his life.  Just incredible.  Sure the East African mafia would never had let a younger runner get that far out front, and sure Ryan Hall and the other Americans helped Meb by not pushing the pace.  But […]

  • Running Heroes – The Six Women of the 1972 New York Marathon

    The primary means of political dialogue in America is through sports.  The fight for racial integration took place on the baseball field.  We have wrestled with the equal rights for women in school sports, on golf courses, and in distance running.  We use sports to argue over who is an American*, to champion animal rights, […]

  • Phil Coppess – hero to working stiff runners

    Its marathon season, which means the New York Times is once again including some running coverage in its sports section.  Today, there was a great little article about Phil Coppess who has held the Twin Cities Marathon course record for over twenty years with a time of 2:10:05.  The article is good read for all […]

  • Seventies Heroes: Ron Hill

    The science of running, especially the science of marathon running, was still in its infancy in the 1970s.  Runners knew little about what it took to run a fast 26.2 miles.  With little support from the big athletic companies or research universities, runners were left to experiment on their own.  Some tried low mileage and […]

  • Seventies Hero: Katherine Switzer

    To many, Boston Billy was the laid back face of seventies running, just a guy who loved to run and happened, through hard work and a whole heck of a lot of miles, to get really good at it.  But there was more to the glory days of running than short shorts and awesome wool […]

  • Seventies Hero: Bill Rodgers

    I am fascinated by the seventies.  Perhaps that is because I just missed it.  Being born in 1975 I saw the decade in reflection from the much less interesting eighties.  I am fascinated by the music, the art, the fashion and the rebirth of recreational fitness culture in America.  The seventies was when everything we […]