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  • Robert Moses, Swimming

    “Almost every day, sometimes twice a day, no matter how busy he was, Moses would swim. He preferred the ocean; he left time for a swim whenever he was over on Jones Beach; as soon as the causeway was completed, even before it was open to the public, he drove across it to swim in […]

  • On My Changing Relationship to the Goddamn Pool

    If you know me in real life, or pay incredibly close attention to this website, you might know that when I was young, I swam competitively. I was never particularly good (I have never been particularly good at any physical endeavor) but I did it — a lot. There were years when my summers consisted […]

  • Michael Phelps, the drudgery of swimming, and me.

    I swam competitively from elementary school through high school and I can say with some authority that swim practice is unspeakable boring.  Racing can be fun, but training is just the worst.  It isn’t like true team sports, where you can shoot the shit with your teammates on the field, and it isn’t like running, […]

  • Race Autopsy: Lady Libery Open Water Swim

    Written years ago for another blog after I DNF’ed the 2006 Lady Liberty Swim   1. Though I am a pretty strong swimmer, I was not prepared an open water wetsuit swim. From the moment I jumped into the water, I couldn’t breath, and was hyperventilating by about halfway through. It wasn’t pretty. I’m not […]