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  • Kurtz’s Stronger Than Iron

    Stronger Than Iron: Not Finishing Was Not An Option Wayne Kurtz and Stefan Zetterstrom There are endurance events, like a marathon, or even a half marathon. And then there are ultra endurance events, like 50 milers and hundred milers, and, I’d argue, ironmans. But then there is shit that is just so crazy that’s its […]

  • It Takes Time To Go Fast

    For future reference: “Faster finishers (those under 10 hours 30 minutes) tend ot average greater traning volumes than slower finishers. On average, the faster men and women trained approximately 14 hours per week, broken down into 2.5 hours of swimming, 7.5 hours of cycling and 4 hours of running.” Triathlete magazine “Would You make A […]

  • Race Autopsy: 2006 New York City Triathlon

    Originally written for another blog. I haven’t edited this at all since it was published in 2006. Prerace I really underestimated the amount of shit that has to get done before you even start a triathlon. There’s the pre race briefing, where they tell you where everything is, and how the water in the Hudson […]