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I’ve been rethinking my fitness and diet regime (again). As a dude in his mid-forties, I’ve begun to feel some of the aches and pains of middle age, and I’ve begun to think much more about how to train to … Continue reading

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David Goggins Inspired Bodyweight Work Outs

In Jesse Itzler’s great book Living with a Seal (Amazon, my review) David Goggins shares a number of classic bodyweight workouts.   For my reference, I’ve copied some of them out. Here they are: “Nickels and Dimes” 5 pull ups … Continue reading

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Training Totals – Week Ending 10-20-2013

Ran a little, biked a little, climbed a little.  Enjoyed myself for the first time in months.  Sore as hell from my return to climbing and body weight training — which is nice.  Looking forward to doing a little more … Continue reading

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Friday Inspiration – Learning the Handstand

Handstand training begins in earnest this weekend.  To figure out how I should go about the progression, I’ve been watching some youtube video.  Despite the low budget quality, I think this is one of the best. Dude’s advice on using … Continue reading

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2013 Goals – Bodyweight Exercises

In order of priority the three kinds of physical activity I am focusing on are running, body-weight work, and rock climbing.  Being me, there are  of course tons of other types of exercises I dabble in, including cross country skiing, … Continue reading

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