Cairo (Part 4)

Running in Cairo in June is a sure way to prove that there is nothing necessarily healthy about training for a marathon. I am still sweating. And my snot is really, really black. But I gotta say I love my neighborhood, I got incredibly lost, but hey, it’s a island, so as long as you don’t go crossing water, you can only get in so much trouble.

Here’s a picture from my run.

Last night, I was talking to E on the phone. Over the internet, from my balcony, overlooking the Nile while she was sitting in an apartment overlooking Washington square park. We totally live in the future

Yet another picture from one of my windows

Work so far has been kind of boring, but the people have been great. Really welcoming and fun. Apparently, I am going out for sushi in Giza on Wednesday. WTF?


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Scholar, gentleman, jock. I run the website Milo and the Calf. There you will find the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire where runners share their stories of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. You'll also find my thoughts on endurance sports, ancient history, Judaism, and hundreds of book reviews.
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