Training Totals 1/10/2010

RECAP: Well then, my first full week of working out of 2010, and it went basically as planned. I didn’t make it to the gym everyday, but I did work out everyday for at least twenty minutes, and really, it wasn’t all that hard. Here are the numbers.


Work out streak: 10 days; (355 to go)

Average Weight – 188.5

Running Miles: 10 in 1:31:25 average pace: 9:09

Row Meters: 10,000 (6.2 miles) in 45:49

Bike Miles: Null

Swim Miles: .5 in 25:00

Body weight exercises and balance work: 40:00

Total exercise time: ~3:20

Weekly Data:

Monday –  Ran 3 miles in 27:00

Tuesday – Swam .5 miles in 25:00

Wednesday – 20 pulls ups, 60 push ups, various balance drills in 20:00

Thursday – Ran 3 in 27:27

Friday – 25 pull ups, 75 push ups, various balance drills in 20:00

Saturday – Ran 4 in 36:58

Sunday – Rowed 10K in 45:49

Goals for Last Week:

1. Increase mileage to a sad, but reasonable 10 miles – DONE

2. Work out everyday – DONE

3. Take monthly progress photo – FAIL

Goals for Next Week

1. Increase mileage to pathetic, but necessarily reasonable 11 miles

2. Work out everyday

3. Take progress photo

4. Increase total exercise time to at least four hours.

3 thoughts on “Training Totals 1/10/2010

  1. Well, I have to admit that I am not as hardcore as some. If it gets much below twenty, I head inside to the treadmill. But above twenty, if you’ve got good tights, a hat and gloves, and a technical shirt (meaning not cotton, cotton absorbs sweat and that is going to make you really cold); and an outlayer, you’ll be good to go once you warm up!

  2. way to hit your goals! the photo one, waiting a couple extra days won’t be the end of the world. go snap it now! c’mon it’s the easiest thing on there. 😉

    take that mileage slowly. no injuries in 2010!

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