Yesterday I wrote a short post about how I hadn’t heard from my Rabbi about my conversion essay and then, hours after posting, I got a reply. Rabbi, are you reading my blog?

Anyway, he seemed to like the essay and had no real edits of it, so we’re on for a meeting with the Beit Din at the end of June. I’m considering posting my conversion essay here so others can get a sense of what one would look like. Look for that early next week.

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  1. mikvahbound

    I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your blog while looking for other converts on WordPress. I have linked to it in my own blogroll, which I hope is okay with you. I will remove it immediately if not. I’d love to read of an update when you get the chance!

    1. seanv2

      Hi! Glad you found this blog. My conversion now complete, I am not updating this much anymore, but happy to see that you like it! Good luck!

  2. Todd

    Mazel Tov on your recent conversion. I started my own conversion journey last Channukah. It was a bumpy start because I started out with a scary book by an orthodox dude that really shook me up. I took some time to contemplate. Then a dear friend passed away, which occupied a lot of time and emotional energy. But his death led me back to Judaism for an exploration…I felt a strong need for a spiritual path. Things have been going shockingly well since last May. I found some amazing books by reconstructionist rabbis and found a lovely small Reform shul here in San Francisco. So I’m a middle-aged, gay, ex-mormon, mostly atheist professor who feels like he’s found a home in Judaism, much to his surprise and delight. Thanks for posting your experiences. The name of the blog is brilliant, by the way. I love calling myself a גר. It freaks out the born-Jews in my congregations. LOL


    1. Todd

      BTW, I have a blog about my own experiences, but my professional blog links to my name on WordPress so I can keep it semi-private.

    2. seanv2

      Hey Todd,

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog, and for sharing your experiences. I need to write up more about my conversion here soon now that the process is complete. Glad you found a good shul in San Francisco, E and I are still looking for the right one here in Brooklyn.

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