I wasn’t much, just a quick jog around the neighborhood, but I hit five hundred miles for the year this morning, two months earlier than I hit the same milestone last year. I’m feeling good, I’m feeling healthy and I’m feeling ready for my marathon at the end of the month.

Now, check out this amazing footage for the world 24 championships yesterday. One of the guys running in this video logs his miles on the same website I do. He ran 248.454 km (roughly 154 miles) and finished 12th IN THE WORLD. In training for this race, he routinely put in weeks of over 200 miles. An amazing performance which really puts my little 500 miles for the year in perspective.

2 thoughts on “500

  1. The guy who logged all those miles is a machine. I just can’t imagine logging more than 200 miles a week for months on end. Someday, I’d like to be doing seventy miles a week, but I think that will probably be my upper limit.

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