Training Totals 5.9.2010

RECAP: 48 miles is a lot of running. Its Tuesday and I am still exhausted. But now its taper time and man am I looking forward to it.

Saturday’s long run started off great, for the first fifteen miles or so, I felt strong and fast. I Rahm Emanuel, I kept a good pace and I was getting a tan. But miles 18-22, wow those sucked. I had to walk a lot in the last two miles, but psychologically, it was very helpful to get in that last long run. Now, I’ll just chill, do a long run of twelve miles this coming weekend and try to watch what I eat to be below 180 by marathon day.

Anyway, here are the numbers


Work out streak: 130 days; (242 to go)

Run Streak: 82 Days

Average Weight – 181 (two pounds less than last week)

Running Miles: 48 miles in  7:23:18 for an average pace of 9:15 pace

Row Meters: 0

Bike Miles: 0

Swim Miles: 0

Body weight exercises and balance work: 0

Total exercise time: ~7:30 hours

Weekly Data:

Monday – Ran 4 in 33:33

Tuesday – Ran 6.5 in 56:42

Wednesday – Ran 4 in 32:42

Thursday – Ran 6.5 in 57:29

Friday – Ran 3 in 26:49

Saturday – Ran 22! in 3:40:15

Sunday – Ran 2 in 15:48

Goals for Last Week:

1. Run at least 45 miles – DONE!

2. Pay attention to my daily weight and what I am shoving in my mouth and hopefully lose a pound. – DONE!

3. Exercise for at least six hours – DONE!

4. Mirror race time and condition in long run including what you’ll eat the night before and the morning of. – DONE! (Sorta)

Goals for Next Week:

1. Pay attention to my daily weight and what I am shoving in my mouth and hopefully lose a pound or two.

2. Pamper the hamstrings and feet so as to avoid injury down the final stretch

3. Write up plan for tackling the race

4. Don’t freak out.

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