Friday Inspiration – Gutting it Out

For weeks now, people have been talking about Meb Keflezighi gutting it out in the final miles of the New York Marathon and crossing the line with local Staten Island runner Mike Cassidy.

Meb and Mike bringing it home

If you read this blog, you probably already know this story – Meb has battled injuries all fall and wasn’t a hundred percent coming into this race.  In the latter miles, he fell off the pace and seriously considered dropping.  But, being a fucking bad ass, he stuck with it, eventually meeting up with sub-elite runner Mike Cassidy.  The two of them brought it home, trading the work at the front, and crossing the finishing line hand in hand.

Here’s Meb describing what happened.

And here’s Mike Cassidy’s article on the “time of his life”.

Its a powerful story and something that can only happen in running.  In no other sport do the world’s best run with the work-a-day hobbyist.  In no other sport can a amateur get so close to a pro.  Its one of the many reasons why, while I am struggling with my running these days, I’ll also love this sport, I’ll always deeply admire Keflezighi and I’ll always love the New York Marathon. 

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