2014: My Physical Year

While 2014 was a great year for my reading, it was less than stellar year for exercise. Being the father of an infant does occasionally allow me to read late into the night, but its has made finding the time to exercise more difficult. In 2013 I spent a fair amount of time rock climbing and doing body weight work (push ups, pull ups, etc.). I all but gave up on these pursuits in 2014. I did not go climbing once and I did a negligible amount of body weight work.

I’ll have more on my goals for body weight work and introducing other athletic pursuits in my 2015 goals post.

So with no climbing, and little body weight work, all that was left was running. With a total of 1,073 miles for the year 2014 wasn’t my worst year (that would be 2009 – when I ran a mere 690) but it was also far off from my best year (2011 1670.5) and even farther from my goal of 2,000 miles.

There’s always next year, right?

Here’s some further slicing and dicing of the numbers done mainly for my own amusement:

  • I ran 1,073 miles in 230 separate sessions for a total of 165:24:35 hours spent running around in circles like a goddamn idiot.
  • That’s an average of 4.67 miles per day at an average pace of about 9:15 per mile.
  • My longest run was a paltry 13.5 miles in 2:07:36 on September 7 across the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Union Street bridges.
  • My shortest run was one mile. I did it repeatedly; running only a single mile a total of 29 times.
  • 97 of my runs and 547.5 of my miles were in Prospect Park, which is significantly more than anywhere else.
  • I ran one half marathon ( Brooklyn Half 1:49:08), a number of 5ks, and I set a PR at the five mile distance at the NYRR Club championships — finishing in a time of 39:24 for a 7:53 pace.

All in all, not a great year. Not my worst, but certainly not my best. As I figure out this whole fatherhood thing, I expect much bigger things for 2015.

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